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Tabriz Polypropylene

Polypropylene Production Plant

Location: Tabriz

Client: Shakhess Co.

Capacity: 50000   ton/year

Contract Value(Rls):16,000,000,000

Start Date            Sep-2000

Finish Date          Sep-2001 

Kerman Nitrogen Line


Execution of Nitrogen Line 

Location: Kerman               

Client:National Copper Industries 

Capacity:    -

Contract Value (Rls): 6,940,000,000

Start Date        Oct-2001 

Finish Date      Oct-2002

O2 Enrichment Converters


Location: Kerman               

Client:National Iranian Copper Industries

Capacity: -

Contract Value(Rls):2,977,136,219

Start Date         May-2002 

Finish Date       May-2003

Fars Power Plant


Erection & Commissioning of the Dry Cooling System Fars Power Plant

Location: Fars               

Client: Power Plant Development Company--MAPNA

Capacity:        3 × 107 MW

Contract Value(Rls):26,028,171,076

Start Date     Sep-2000

Finish Date     Feb-2003

Kerman Rolling Mill

Erection and Pre-commissioning of Rolling Mill Equipment

Location: Kerman               

Client: Kerman Steel Industries Co.

Capacity: 150000 ton/year

Contract Value (Rls): 2,000,000,000

Start Date          Mar-2001 

Finish Date        Apr-2002

Neyshaboor Power Plant

Erection of Turbine& B.O.P Combined Cycle Power Plant

Location: Neyshaboor

Client:       MAPNA

Capacity: 3× 107 MW        

Contract Value(Rls):34,432,484,132

Start Date           Sep-2001 

Finish Date         Sep-2003

Neyshaboor Power Plant Aux Cooling

Erection of Main and Auxiliary Cooling Systems Power Plant

Location: Neyshaboor


Capacity: 3× 107 MW        

Contract Value(Rls):27,370,068,429

Start Date           Sep-2001 

Finish Date         Sep-2003

Mobin Power Plant

Erection and Commissioning of all Utilities in Mobin Power Plant 

Location: Assaluyeh

Client: MAPNA               

Capacity: 6× 107 MW        

Contract Value(Rls):45,545,991,830

Start Date            Apr-2003 

Finish Date          Jul-2004

Jam Polypropylene

Erection& Pre commissioning of Jam Polypropylene Production Plant

Location: Assaluyeh

Client: National Petrochemical Co.

Capacity: 300,000 ton/year

Contract Value (Rls):71,188,273,738

Start Date            Jan-2004

Finish Date         Jan-2005 

Mahshahr Ammonia Plant

Erection & Pre-commissioning of 3rd Ammonia Plant

Polypropylene Production Plant

Location: Mahshahr

Client: Razi Petrochemical Co.

Capacity: 2050 ton/Day

Contract Value(Rls):215,000,000,000

Start Date           Aug-2004 

Finish Date         Oct-2005

Arya Sasol LDPE Plant

Erection & Pre commissioning of 9th Olefin Complex - LDPE Plant

Location: Assaluyeh

Client: Arya Sasol

Capacity: 300,000 ton/year

Contract Value(Rls):248,255,828,961

Start Date            Nov-2004 

Finish Date          Feb-2006

Shiraz Ammonia Plant

Erection & Pre commissioning of 3rd Ammonia Plant

Location: Shiraz

Client: PIDEC

Capacity: 2050 ton/Day

Contract Value(Rls):920,000,000,000

Start Date            July-2009 

Finish Date          Now

Amirkabir Polypropylene

Erection Works of Amir Kabir Polypropylene Plant

Location: Bandar Imam

Client: Navid Zar Chimi Petrochemical Co.

Capacity: 160,000 ton/year        

Contract Value(Rls):36,491,305,413

Start Date           Apr-2002 

Finish Date         Sep-2003